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Measure eligibility

With some exceptions, Project Sponsors may propose any measure that:

  • Provides measurable and verifiable reductions in electric energy consumption and/or peak demand
  • Produces savings through an increase in energy efficiency
  • Has a useful life of at least 10 years (except for CFLs)
  • Exceeds applicable minimum efficiency standards

The following table lists the program's pre-approved energy efficiency measures.

End use Pre-approved energy efficiency measure
Cooling -Constant air volume to variable air volume conversion*
-Chiller replacement
-Packaged cooling unit replacement
-Air-side and water-side economizers*
-Fan and pump variable-speed drive installations*
-Fan and pump motor efficiency upgrades

-High efficiency fluorescent lighting
-Lighting controls to reduce operating hours (in conjunction with lighting efficiency measures only)

-CFLs with hardwired ballasts, locking mechanisms, or permanent socket conversions

Refrigeration -Air cooling and refrigeration compressor replacement projects
-Refrigerated case doors
Industrial process -Variable-speed drive installations on industrial fans and pumps*
-All motor-efficiency upgrade projects
*While variable air volume, variable speed drive, and economizer measures may not individually yield substantial savings, these measures may be packaged with other demand-saving measures to meet the minimum project size requirement.

Certain types of measures are excluded from consideration in the program; these ineligible measures are those that:

  • Involve plug loads (i.e., office equipment), except vending machines
  • Involve self-generation or cogeneration, except for renewable technologies
  • Involve electric equipment with decoupled self-generation
  • Rely on changes in customer behavior and require no capital investment
  • Result in negative environmental or heath effects
  • Involve fuel-switching to electric
  • Involve load shifting
  • Receive incentives under any other energy efficiency program offered by CenterPoint Energy

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