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Enrollment and Participation Process

Register as a Project Sponsor | Submit an Project Application | Sign a Project Authorization | Install project and submit Installation Report | Conduct M&V and submit Savings Report

Conduct M&V and submit Savings Report

When Project Sponsors submit a Project Application, they include with it a measurement and verification (M&V) plan, which describes how the Sponsor will determine the actual savings produced by the measures they plan to install. The complexity of these M&V activities and length of time it takes to complete them varies depending on the measures involved. Some projects' M&V requirements may take less than 30 days to complete, while others may take as long as 12 months. This site's Measurement and Verification section offers guidelines for carrying out M&V activities and instructions for creating an M&V plan.

The Project Sponsor should submit the Savings Report using EnerTrek®. Instructions for doing so are included in the program manual.

Once approved, this report becomes the basis for the Sponsor's final incentive payment, called the Performance Payment. Also following the approval of the Savings Report, CenterPoint Energy refunds all or a portion of the Project Sponsor's application deposit.

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