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Enrollment and Participation Process

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Submit a Project Application

To enroll in the program, Project Sponsors must submit a Project Application. The Project Application assumes that the Project Sponsor has conducted a detailed engineering study and site audit. It requires the following information:

  • Identification of the host customer site(s) and documentation that the customer agrees to participate in the C&I Standard Offer Program (Host Customer Agreement).
  • Inventories of the existing and proposed equipment, including equipment counts, equipment efficiencies, and equipment name plate data.
  • Building occupancy and equipment operating schedules.
  • Engineering calculations estimating the project's energy and demand savings based on the efficiency of the proposed equipment compared to that of new, minimum-standard efficiency equipment.
  • A project-specific measurement and verification plan that describes how the Project Sponsor will monitor and verify energy and demand savings, the methods for calculating actual savings, and a schedule for conducting and reporting on these activities. In some cases, measurement and verification activities may be required prior to measure installation to accurately estimate the project's savings. An M&V plan is not required for projects for which savings will be verified using deemed savings only. In choosing deemed savings, Project Sponsors agree to follow the guidelines provided in the program manual.
  • Work plan--for project design, implementation, operation, and management, including the anticipated project timeline.
  • A refundable deposit equal to 5% of the total incentive amount requested in the application (unless the deposit had been submitted previously). This deposit will be refunded upon approval of the Savings Report (discussed in step 6) and will be prorated based on the performance of the project.

Project Sponsors must use EnerTrek® to complete most of these elements. The Project Sponsor should use the forms provided below to prepare equipment and should attach them to the Project Application in EnerTrek®.

Separately, a hard copy of the signed Host Customer Agreement must be mailed to the Program Manager. You may download a sample Host Customer Agreement by clicking on the following filename:

cust_agr.doc (31K) (a Microsoft Word file).

You may also request one from the Program Manager.

Detailed instructions for using EnerTrek® to complete the Project Application are available in the program manual.

Equipment Inventory Forms
These Microsoft® Excel® workbooks collect detailed information about the equipment being retrofit; download and complete only those that apply to your project.
Description Click to download
Combined lighting equipment survey Combined lighting equipment survey
Motor and variable-speed drive equipment survey, to be completed for each site at which motor or VSD measures are installed Motors
CalcSmart HVAC, to be completed for each project involving cooling equipment for which savings will be verified using deemed savings CalcSmart
Window survey, to be completed for each site at which window films are installed Window Films
Roofing tool, to be completed for each site at which energy efficient roofing materials are installed Roofing Worksheet

CenterPoint Energy's review of a Project Application involves two phases: an engineering review and a site inspection. During the engineering review, CenterPoint Energy evaluates the eligibility of the proposed measures, the accuracy of the savings estimates, and the comprehensiveness of the measurement and verification plan. If CenterPoint Energy finds it necessary to request additional, missing, or clarifying information, the Project Sponsor has ten working days to respond to such a request; otherwise, CenterPoint Energy may choose to discontinue its evaluation of the application.

In addition to the engineering review, CenterPoint Energy may perform a pre-installation inspection of the facility at which the project is being implemented. The purpose of this inspection is to verify the baseline conditions documented in the Project Application and to further assess the eligibility of the proposed measures.

The entire review process, including the pre-installation inspection, can take up to 45 days. Once the Project Application is approved, CenterPoint Energy reserves funds for the applicant's incentive payment and prepares a Project Authorization (see the next step).

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