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Measure-specific M&V approaches

M&V procedures will vary in detail and rigor depending on the measures installed. For each installed measure, the chosen procedures will depend upon the predictability of equipment operation, the availability of evaluation data from previous programs, and the benefits of the chosen M&V approach relative to its cost.

Project specific M&V procedures may be classified according to three distinct approaches that represent increasing levels of detail and rigor:

  • Deemed savings: Savings values are stipulated based on engineering calculations using typical equipment characteristics and operating schedules developed for particular applications, without on-site testing or metering. This approach is designed for use with some lighting efficiency and controls projects, some cooling equipment projects, and window film applications.

  • Simple M&V: Savings values are based on engineering calculations using typical equipment characteristic and operating schedules developed for particular applications, with some short-term testing or simple long-term metering. For example, chiller energy and demand savings can be determined using the simple approach by comparing rated efficiencies of high-efficiency equipment to standard equipment, and using kW spot-metering and simple long-term kWh metering.

  • Full M&V: Savings are estimated using a more detailed method than in the deemed savings or simple M&V approaches through the application of metering, billing analysis, or computer simulation. These methods will need to be developed in accordance with the 1997 International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), which represents the starting point for industry practice. Portions of the IPMVP have been adapted for use with this program (see below).

M&V guidelines have been developed for use in this program. To download a guideline, simply click on a filename in the following table. Note that these files are in PDF® format, available for viewing and printing only with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Measure/approach type M&V guideline
(click to download)
Retrofit lighting Retrofit lighting.pdf (518K)
Retrofit lighting efficiency and controls Retrofit lighting with controls.pdf (635K)
New construction lighting efficiency NC lighting.pdf (490K)
Cooling equipment retrofits

Retrofit cooling.pdf (459K)

New construction cooling equipment installation NC cooling.pdf (401K)
Motor retrofits Retrofit motors.pdf (329K)
High efficiency motor installation in new construction NC motors.pdf (207K)
Window film installation in existing buildings Retrofit windows.pdf (318K)
Stipulated savings factors for retrofit projects Retrofit stipulated factors.pdf (239K)
Stipulated savings factors for new construction projects NC stipulated factors.pdf (164K)
Generic variable loads for retrofit projects Retrofit variable loads.pdf (287K)
Generic variable loads for new construction projects NC variable loads.pdf (254K)
Billing analysis and regression models for retrofit projects Retrofit billing analysis and regressions.pdf (233K)
Computer modeling and analysis for retrofit projects Retrofit simulation analysis.pdf (349KB)
Calibrated simulation analysis for new construction projects NC simulation analysis.pdf (297K)

Project Sponsors will need to adapt these guidelines to their specific projects when developing the M&V plan required for program participation. Project Sponsors may recommend an M&V approach not covered in these guidelines; however, any alternate approach must be approved by CenterPoint Energy and adhere to IPMVP standards.

The time required to complete M&V activities will range from less than one month to up to 12 months, depending on the approach chosen.

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